The Lower East Side Employment Network offers a solution to these challenges. The Network is made up of an innovative collaboration of experienced workforce development agencies that work in partnership with Manhattan's Community Board 3 to meet hiring demand and support, develop and train quality candidates.

How We Can Help Businesses

The more we know about your business, the better we can help. Companies can use the Network as its go-to source for recruitment, pre-screening, retention and business services.
  • Share your business needs. 
  • Build and maintain a better candidate pipeline. 
  • Efficiently meet, hire, and retain quality candidates. 
  • Access financial tax incentives. 
  • Develop customized training for new and existing employees. 
  • Engage your local community board and strengthen relationships with neighbors. 
  • Network with LESEN partner companies in related industries. 
How We Help Job Seekers

Job seekers from the Lower East Side and across New York City can access a range of comprehensive services to obtain training, find employment, and achieve economic self-sufficiency. The steps and services are organized in simple phases:
  • Application and Orientation
  • Training and Job Search
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Post placement and Job Retention Services
  • Financial Literacy
  • Income Supports
Interested job-seekers should contact the Network partner of their choice.
The Process
Step One:
Business Development
Who’s Involved: Hiring Manager and LESEN Account Manager

INQUIRE: A company’s hiring manager inquires about LESEN, or vice versa. INFORM: Network Account Manager gets information on company, open positions, requirements, and preferred process.
Step Two: Recruitment Who’s Involved: LESEN Account Manager, Network Partners, and Candidates

REVIEW: Network partners recruit and review active candidates for a potential match.
PRE-SCREEN: LESEN Account Manager prescreens candidates to ensure fit. REFER: Account Manager sends candidates and/or resumes to hiring manager.

Step Three: Screening Who’s Involved: Hiring Manager and Candidates

INTERVIEW: Hiring Manager meets candidates.
FEEDBACK: Hiring Manager sends hiring decision and comments to LESEN Account Manager.
Step Four: Retention Who’s Involved: Hiring Manager, LESEN Account Manager, Network Partners, Candidates

VERIFY: Hiring Manager sends placement documentation and positive or constructive input about the hire to LESEN Account Manager.
SUPPORT: LESEN Account Manager advises hiring manager, and/or Network provides support to hire.
REPORT: Share information on an ongoing basis to document performance, analyze trends and identify opportunities.